The more elaborate guide is not quite there yet, but here are the rough steps you need in order to get knowrob_vis running locally (thats the component underlying OpenEASE).

I assume that you do not have a ROS workspace sourced at the moment (as that might result in conflicts of resources when compiling the workspace).

Also, I assume that you’re running a Ubuntu 14.04, and will be using ROS Indigo. If you choose to change one of those, the guide might not necessarily work. Let me know when something fails for you, as I don’t know your exact setup.

Please read the KnowRob installation docs before starting to follow this guide; it will clear up some questions that might come up later (especially concerning rosjava).

  • Follow the steps in the official ROS setup tutorial for setting up Indigo.

  • You will need rosjava, as KnowRob is built on top of it. This guide will require you to create a second workspace, just follow the steps.

  • Now you’ll need to check out KnowRob. That’s described in the link I inserted before; you’ll need the Basic KnowRob version only for now (that’s the top-most option in their guide).

If everything works as expected, you should be able to run

$ roslaunch knowrob_vis knowrob_vis.launch

after everything was set up. If this works (and doesn’t fail with a big red error message), we can go on to the next steps. If it does, please let me know what went wrong.