I talked to my colleague managing the OpenEASE server instance. He’s looking into getting the real module on the server.

The report card should initially display information about the fetch and place experiments. This is a defined environment for development and testing of the report functionalities. Later on, this can be extended to other experiments.

I’d like to talk about the information that will be included in the reports on a pretty high level tomorrow; to define an overview of expectations. This would include:

  • Most important actions during the experiment: This can be based on a list of important task types

  • General statistics: How long did the experiment take, how much time was spent on motion planning, how much on navigation/perception etc. This should be limited to those high level concepts to allow a quick glimpse on the “quality” of the currently used algorithms during the experiment.

  • Special failure display: The robot couldn’t grasp an object when tried (and out of what reason it failed). The logs include information about failures thrown by the robot. If an action failed, but no failure was attached, this is considered an anomaly and identifies a problem in the plans.

This is not an exhaustive list, but just a set of ideas. We can discuss those on a high level to decide on a direction to take. Let me know about your thoughts on that tomorrow (and also about more concrete ideas you had so far).